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WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club – Governance


Mission Statement: The WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club is a not-for-profit social club committed to building a vibrant community of Sydney Swans enthusiasts in Western Australia. Our primary mission is to unite fans through social events while directing any generated profits primarily to support the Sydney Swans Foundation.

Objective: The primary objective of the WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club is to organise and facilitate social events, activities, and initiatives for the enjoyment and benefit of its members. All profits generated by the social club will be utilised to cover club expenses, enhance member experiences, and contribute to the Sydney Swans Academy.

Financial Management:

  1. Non-Profit Status: The WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club operates as a non-profit organization. Surplus funds from membership fees, donations, or event proceeds will be allocated to cover club expenses and to support the Sydney Swans Academy
  2. Financial Reporting: An accurate record of all financial transactions will be maintained. An annual financial report will be available to members, outlining income, expenses, and how funds have been allocated to support the Sydney Swans Academy.
  3. Use of Funds: Profits will be primarily directed to supporting the Sydney Swans Academy, including scholarships, equipment purchases, and facility improvements.

Membership and Participation:

  1. Inclusivity: Membership in the WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club is open to all individuals who share an interest in the club’s activities and objectives, without discrimination.
  2. Member Engagement: Members are encouraged to actively participate in club events, contribute ideas, and engage in activities that foster a positive and supportive community.


  1. Committee Structure: The WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club will have a committee responsible for decision-making and overall governance. The committee will consist of appointed members serving a term defined by their desire and ability to continue in the role.
  2. Major Decisions: Significant decisions, including financial allocations and major event planning, will be made collaboratively by the committee, with input from the general membership when appropriate.

Amendments to Governance Document:

  1. Review Process: The governance document will be periodically reviewed to ensure alignment with the club’s objectives and legal requirements.
  2. Member Input: Members will have the opportunity to provide input and propose amendments to the governance document during designated review periods, however final approval of any changes will only be adopted on approval by the committee.

Dissolution Clause: In the event of the dissolution of the WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club, any remaining assets, after settling outstanding debts, will be donated to the Sydney Swans Academy or another not-for-profit organisation with similar objectives, as determined by the committee and in accordance with legal requirements.

Adopted on : 4th November 2023


Committee Members:

  • Daz Sommerville – President
  • Gerard Vance – Treasurer / Vice President
  • Belinda Fernandez – Secretary
  • Rebecca Richards – Events Manager
  • Karen Crowther – Events Assistant
  • Chris Glasgow – Viewing Day Assistant
  • Daniel Fernandez – Banner Coordinator
  • Elyse Hudson – Viewing Day Assistant
  • Gary Swanton – Digital Communications & Web Site Manager
  • Tim Gregory – Social Media & Tipping



This governance document is subject to periodic review and amendment to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness in achieving the objectives of the WA Sydney Swans Supporters Club.